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Testimonials Head Groundsman for NMPC I have known Mr Crawley for a number of years and he has proven to be a reliable and tidy...
Ken Culshaw, North Mymms
Thank you so much for the excellent job you have just carried out on removing the damaged Willow tree. As always...
K Middlebrook, Hatfield
I found them to be totally honest and professional at all times, working speedily and efficiently at times...
Joyce, Hatfield

Firewood and Logs

We recommend that hardwood is mixed with softwood when making a fire as this is a cheaper and more efficient way of producing a fire which produces a nice amount of heat but still lasts for a good amount of time.

Herts Firewood

Once our logs have been seasoned, they are then passed on to our sister company; Herts Firewood from which you can purchase the firewood online. We also sell mulch and manure from there as well.

Our main delivery areas are in Hertfordshire and the outskirts of North London.

Seasoned firewood

We season our wood for a minimum of one year to make sure that the moisture content is low which enables cleaner burning and noticeably improves heat output. The firewood is split and then left to air-dry outside and it's also covered to protect it from the elements which further improves the seasoning process.

There are 2 types of wood density; softwood and hardwood. We sell the firewood / log mix in 1m3 bags and it is approximately 85% hardwood and 15% softwood.


Hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods. The dominant feature separating hardwoods from softwoods is the presence of pores, or vessels.

There is a correlation between density and calories/volume in wood. This makes the denser hardwoods such as oak, cherry, and apple more suited for fires, cooking fires, and smoking meat as they tend to burn hotter and longer than softwoods such as Pine or Cedar.


Wood from trees that are known as gymnosperms. Conifers are an example. It may also be used to describe trees which tend to be evergreen.







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